Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Look Cute, Then Pillage

I should have known better.

Our evening was wrapping up into a swell little package.  Happy hour on the deck, burgers cooking on the barbeque, sun blasting in the windows.

Genevieve pulled at my sleeve.  Mama, can sister and I please play with the big stroller in the house?  I'm the mama, she's the big sister, and Mae is the baby sister and we really need a REAL stroller.

Sure, sounds fun.  I'll grab it for you.  Just like that, two girls occupied, Drew and I having a conversation with full sentences and thoughts.  Family harmony.


We even took pause to notice how well they were playing together and were feeling pretty smug about how having two kids so close in age was really starting to pay off.

30 minutes later.

Big stroller turned into big shopping cart.  Kitchen cabinets ransacked.  Heaping mess of dried sundries to contend with.  

No longer feeling so smug.

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