Saturday, May 4, 2013

Barfing, Rallying, Planting and Plastic Hating

My girlies have been sick the past few days.  Lots of barf.  I'll leave it at that.  Here they are in the hammock making the most out of a sunny day, tummy aches and fevers and all:

Miraculously, nobody fell out.  Even when they fell asleep deep under covers and precariously close to the edge:

Drew and I took advantage of their low energy and busted out a ton of gardening.  This gorgeous mountain of mulch was delivered Thursday, and I've been chipping away at spreading it.

Shelley, my college roommate Laura's mama, came to stay for a night.  We had the best visit.  Marguerite called her "friend" and soaked up as much of Shelley's love and warmth as she could.  

I'm forever grateful for whatever system it was that randomly selected Laura and I to be dorm roomies, and I know our parents are grateful too.

Shelley:  Andrea, where are your plastic plates?
Me:  I don't have any.
Shelley:  Oh hon, you need to get some.
Me:  But I hate plastic.
Shelley:  Plastic doesn't break.
Me:  You're right.

Off to Target I went after we said our goodbyes.  Alas, there will be no more beautiful hand made plates dropped and smashed by my well-intended helpers.

 And with my hate of plastic still intact, I really do love this stack of dishes:

Smarter, not harder. 

Mike, Laura's daddy, sent starts for the garden from his nursery - just the push of motivation I needed to get more in the ground:

So far I have onions, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, and peas planted.  Tomorrow(?)  I'll sow carrots, beets, chard, basil and green beans and that will be our crop for the year. 

Drew rallied and did more heavy lifting up the stairs to add two more trees to our deck.  We decided we needed more of a wind break and wanted to block out the street light that shines directly into our bedroom.  Here's the latest configuration:

Fingers crossed for a barf free and gardening-full Sunday.  XO

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  1. Yay! So glad ya'll had a good visit! I love your plastic plates :-) and your starts!
    I am grateful for that roomie system too. Love you and miss you!