Sunday, May 12, 2013

Quote of the Day

Marguerite:  I'm going to walk up the stairs backwards.
Me:  You should turn around to go up the stairs.
Marguerite:  Why?
Me:  Because it's easier and safer.
Marguerite:  But I want to go backwards.
Me:  Why?
Marguerite:  Because you will hold my hand, step, because you will keep me safe, step, because you are my best mama, step, because I want to see your beautiful face, step, because I love you, step, because it's more fun this way, step, because I don't want you to goose my cute bum, step, because this way makes us laugh, step, because we are silly....

....and so we awkwardly made our way up the stairs, holding hands, brown eyes locked, full of laughter.  A simple poem of love from a two year old to her mama, folded up and tucked neatly into my memory of this mother's day.

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