Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nocturnal Pinner

The girls each picked out a pink petunia as their own.  I've never been much of a petunia fan, but these two are really growing on me.  They over water them, drop them, re-pot them, forget to water them, kidhandle their delicate petals and they keep on growing and filling two little hearts with happiness and hopefully a sense of responsibility.

 We spent most of the day in the yard, running in when we had to for hand-fulls of peanut butter pretzels and drinks of cold water which we qualified as meals.

Drew and I got after the street side landscaping with a layer of mulch.  It took both of us to do it, and a bottle of advil.  But so worth it! 

 I've been wanting a bird bath but not wanting to spend money on a bird bath.  So I poked through our odds and ends and came up with this slightly rickety, pinterest inspired number:

I really love pinterest.  More than I love sleeping, apparently.  I lay in bed with my iPad, emailing things to Drew that I want him to build for me.  Emailing someone who is sleeping next to me cracks me up. 

Drew got the Evergreen Clematis in the ground this morning.  Wish it luck.

The peonies started bursting open late this afternoon!  My true favorite. 

Climbers are in bloom,

I gave this rogue honeysuckle some help by hanging netting on the fence,

I remembered to water dormant plants under the covered porch this winter, and it paid off!  Go figure.

Lobelia and shotgun shells.  A perfect match:

The bridge that collapsed into the Skagit River will make going anywhere to buy anything a bitch for the next several months.   At least we'll have plenty of broccoli (I would have made a terrible homesteader, attempting to live off the land with only broccoli and lettuce to see us through).

Have I told you yet that my mom writes a gardening column for the Homer News?  She's been doing it for a zillion years and it's my favorite read.  Check out the Kachemak Gardener for someone who knows what she's talking about.

Off I go to email my sleeping husband.


  1. love your blog...have you ever used for garden ideas! hope you enjoy it and have a great weekend!

    1. Oh my, I just lost an hour of my life to houzz - thank you so much for leading me there, it's amazing! Now I'll really never sleep again...

  2. Love the photos of your garden. I am trying to maintain all wonderful plants you put in at the Deming house but it is certainly always a work in progress. The Clematis on the front porch is insane this year, the whole porch is swathed in gorgeous white flowers. Peonies, Irises, Bleeding Heart, Ladies Mantle, Oriental Poppies and Wisteria are all going strong. I have nightmares that I will be overtaken and strangled by the honeysuckle in my sleep, its tendrils are insidious.
    Britt Laananen Ury.

    1. Thanks so much for the Deming house update Britt! It feels like a hundred years since I lived and gardened there. I'm glad you are tending to those lovelies. Good to hear from you and glad you enjoy my blog. A