Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blanchard, Fake Blood and Glitter

Note to self:  Don't do the dress rehearsal for Genevieve's Halloween makeup the day before school pictures, especially if it involves liquid eyeliner.

Here we are getting ready to go to the Halloween Party at Blanchard Community Hall. 

It was our first time there and made me want to learn more about the history of Blanchard, our neighboring tiny town with a past as colorful as Edison's.

Photo Credit: Blanchard Community Club

Drew and his assertive helpers carved pumpkins, gearing up for our spookiest Halloween yet. 

Wait til you see all of the fake blood Genevieve is planning on incorporating into her vampire outfit.  I had to talk her down from buying the gallon size jug of it at Party City.  Marguerite is sticking with glittery hairspray and her fairy wand, periodically peering at her sister with her slightly worried big brown eyes and saying, "your blood is disgusting to me." 

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