Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bulbs In

I had a couple of rare daylight hours to myself and spent it well in the garden.  I was tucked in behind the mammoth buddleia weeding, hidden from Edison visitors strolling by now that my front bed has really become dense and established.  I enjoy watching people look up at the gallery from the street, debate whether or not to go in, hesitant and skeptical they pull open the heavy front door.  Twenty minutes later they emerge, and I get to hear their reactions as they download to each other what they experienced.  It makes me proud of Wes and Drew, hearing people talk about how beautiful their work is, what an amazing space for an art gallery we have, and all in this little town?  Who knew! 

I planted forty crocus bulbs.  Planting bulbs is something I've never done, but every February when crocus pop up in other people's gardens I'm regretful of my lack of early spring interest. 

I poured myself a glass of wine and settled in to blog this evening, but first finally remembering to read my Mom's latest gardening column.  A lovely coincidence to round out my day, reading about her planting bulbs in her own garden.  You should read it too, here

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