Thursday, October 10, 2013

Serendipitous Bounty

We went back to Gordon Skagit Farms to pick apples to send to my parents.  Alaska doesn't have an apple growing climate, and the sweet crisp apples of my parents' New York childhoods are missed this time of year.  My friend Stacey works at the farm and asked if I had a minute, that the pears were just now ready and she'd go pick a few from the orchard.  While she zipped off on a four wheeler the girls and I relived the pumpkin patch:

G carefully wrapped each piece of fruit and put this picture of our family pictures on top so it would be the very first thing they saw when they opened their package:

The post office has a way of making us feel not so far away.

Drew came home from work carrying a bucket full of dungeness crab.  "I fixed the stock on an oldtimer's gun at the shop, and he stopped by with crab in return."

Just ripe pears and fresh crab = a serendipitous day.

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