Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wearing Orange at Gordon Skagit Farms

Uh-oh, some dork wore an orange shirt to the pumpkin patch.  Bad coincidence.

It was the Festival of Family Farms in the valley this weekend, so we visited Gordon Skagit Farms' pumpkin patch.  What an amazing place!  Once we grappled with and accepted the reality of picking out pumpkins with an EXTREMELY tired Marguerite in tow, we had a lovely afternoon.  Thank goodness for my ergo pack for lose-your-shit-meltdown times like this.

Drew gallantly pushed the wheelbarrow with two flat tires into the fields.  Is there a wheelbarrow anywhere in the world that doesn't have a flat tire?  Because I'd like to use it.

Marguerite and I had fun arranging them when we got home.

And speaking of orange things, look at this pot roast I made with vegetables from the garden. 

Fall.  Pumpkins.  Comfort food.  Temper tantrums.  Extreme autumnal outfits.  We've got our seasonal bases covered.

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