Friday, October 18, 2013

Old Fir Floors and New Wool Slippers

Eight years ago, when we first bought our building, there were many mysteries to be solved about this old place.  One of them was determining if the floors that looked like this:

Could be resurrected into something beautiful....and liveable.

A truck load of sawdust and a few brain rattles from endless sanding later,  and here's where we landed.

Beautiful?  Yes.  Livable?  Mostly....

You see, there are big splinter making cracks here and there.  And a general chill.

It's taken me until today to do the practical thing, the simple thing, the logical thing, the common sense approach...and buy slippers!

I am now 100% more comfortable in my home.  If you have a similar disconnect with comfort, take your toes to Stowe's, support a local business, and buy some wool slippers.  Stat.

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