Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Note

I was cleaning out the rats nest of a downstairs toy basket after putting the girls to bed, and came across a tattered piece of paper that Genevieve had squirreled away in one of her 57 wallets.  I almost threw it away but for some reason stopped to unfold it.

It was a typed note that had been left on my desk at work nearly 5 years ago,  the day after I announced my pregnancy to my co-workers.  It was from "the German." An eccentric, brilliant, ranting and kind public health statistician who worked on the other side of our partitioned wall.

I intended to save it for some sort of elusive baby book, so here instead on my blog it finds its place:

Andrea, dear
You can see where I could not walk by the "organic pregnancy tea aisle".  No baby should be growing without it I am sure.  I expect I will indirectly be responsible for at least 2 IQ points which in turn may make the difference of her/him living a dramatic, fulfilled life of a philosopher, painter or revolutionary vis a vis a quiet life of an accountant.

Note of caution:  I am not aware that this product was checked out by the FDA, FDC, CDC or any other slow-moving ineffective watch-dog.  So I suggest you make an appointment with your physician - or better yet try it and see if you like it.

Fond Greetings across the cubicle.


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