Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Hour

7:24 and both girls are tucked into bed and, wait for it, sleeping!!  Falling back onto daylight savings is where it's at.  I'll take the dark evenings in trade for peace and quiet. 

Grandpa Bob and Grandma Margaret visited today and kicked off the Marguerite birthday festivities.  Sister is going to be two on Thursday! 

I especially like this two men and a baby shot. She's pretty important:

On our end of day walk Genevieve looked up and said, "look mama, that tree is naked!"

I thought something was wrong with my camera settings until I realized, oh, it's getting dark.  Right.

So we wended our way home in the twilight, greeted by a few jovial duck hunters spilling out of the Longhorn Saloon at our last turn home.  We caught the cusp of the nocturnal side of Edison we rarely encounter what with all the bath time, story time, bed time, middle of the night crying time we signed up for four years ago. 

It was worth it.

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