Friday, November 30, 2012

November's End

See ya November.  Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.  I'm ready to put the gloomy, rainy days of the 11th month behind me and move on to all things festive and hall decking and yuletide.  We had yet another cold drag us down this week and are working on a quick recovery to rally for the opening in the gallery tomorrow night.  I mean, I have new skinny jeans to wear and a desperate need to socialize.  There's no more room for coughing and sneezing here. 

At 7:15 Marguerite said, "I ready to go night night mama.  Really tired."  Music to my ears.  I always read her two books in bed, the second of which she holds tight in her grip as I turn the lights out.  In the dark she whispers, "read it again mama!"  Then we flip pages in the dark to an improvised story of our day and she giggles with each shadowed page turn.   I lay next to her holding her hand while she falls asleep.  Tonight, for the first time, she whispered "I love you so much mama." 

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