Sunday, November 18, 2012

House Project: Mysterious Leak

The plumbers say, "it's a one in a million chance that this could happen."  The tile guy says, "this is impossible, I've been doing this for 30 years and this has never happened."  Well, it's happening.  A big watery leaky river of happening.  Happening through the wall that separates the bathroom from our bedroom.  That's right.  Water is LEAKING from some mysterious source under the shower.  The shower of a zillion tiles, the shower of my dreams, the shower that we enjoyed for three fleeting weeks.

It all started when I walked into our room, slipped in a puddle of water on the floor and immediately blamed Drew for not cleaning up after himself.  "Babe, chill.  I didn't spill any water."  On closer inspection I sourced a slow trickle seeping from under the trim. Sorry hon.

Tomorrow, the undoing begins.  Smashing out pristine tile.  Figuring it out. 

On a drier note, here is the finished cabinetry in the bathroom:

Bathroom hardware and lighting topped my list of favorite things to shop for during this project:

This faucet doubles as a car to drive or a telephone for the girls while they bathe.

As hard as I try to live a simple and minimalist life, I can't control myself when it comes to junking up a window sill:

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