Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Brow Definition, Standard Oil and the Liquor Store

I admit that I'm pretty slack when it comes to letting my 4 year old wear makeup, but there are limitations.  1.  It's only okay to wear makeup at home.  2.  Mascara has to stay on the counter where your sister can't reach it.  3.  Don't kiss the mirror after you put lip gloss on.

After preschool today she did some experimenting with brow definition.  Whoa G, you were born with brow definition, go easy with the black pencil.

I ventured out after dinner to the monthly Edison Women's Club meeting.  We met at the old Standard Oil building and prepped the Christmas decorations that will be hung on the light posts throughout town:

It was tonight that I learned of the annual holiday party for Edison Women's Club members hosted by Peggy, who lives in her house/liquor store.  Stay tuned, the setting alone is blog worthy.

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