Monday, August 27, 2012

Roughing It

We're back from three days in the woods, tucked into the folds of the Cascades with the Smith and Vallee crew.  Excluding Drew borrowing my extra pair of sweat pants to survive the cold nights in our tent, it was a beautiful weekend. 

Marguerite is old enough this year to have hit her camping stride, hustling along to keep up with Genevieve and Buck, binge eating potato chips, and snagging the best chair by the fire. 

Drew's past attempts at teaching me how to throw a frisbee have been redirected - what a relief!  I'm much happier as a spectator:

Lake Diablo's chilly waters were enjoyed from the row boat, and Genevieve is pretty sure she saw a mermaids breath captured in a stream of bubbles - maybe even caught a glimpse of her long siren hair:

Princess sand castles were built:

Genevieve and her minions braved the slack line:

We packed up this morning (and that's no small task, we took enough stuff to furnish a second home) and enjoyed a quiet drive home, two grubby and tired girls asleep in their car seats.  Until next year, Colonial Creek.

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