Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stink Eye

We were that family.  The family we give stink eye to when their children run wild in our gallery and their parents ignore them while casually browsing art.  We were at the tile store, picking out tile for the new shower, and got so caught up in the nuances of glazed/unglazed/subway/grout/a zillion variations on white that we sort of lost track of what the girls were up to.  At first they were happily flipping through carpet samples and playing hide and seek amongst the display wracks.  Then they moved on to playing with the toys in the kids corner, and then there was silence.  Drew snapped out of our tile induced trance first, "Girls!" he called.  Muffled giggling we heard in response.  He eventually found them both sitting on the desk of the poor salesman helping us, highlighters in hand, wildly scribbling on the building plans neatly laid out on his desk.  He hates us even more than when he first laid eyes on us, waltzing into his store all chippy and eager to get an unrealistically low bid on our tile.  We're sorry we were such irresponsible assholes.  We'll buy your tile.   And that funky smell lingering in our wake?  Yep, baby dropped a bomb in her diaper - while ransacking your desk.  Again, our apologies.

There were moments this weekend when it became evident that too much was crammed into not enough time.  After the tile store episode came Costco, lunch out, playground - nap?  No nap.  So yesterday we ended our day of mingling with the masses by heading for the bay.  Just us.  Our little family on our little boat.

Today we stuck closer to home.  Marguerite and I went on our favorite walk,

and later Lisa and I canned peaches - and celebrated our canning prowess with peach juice cocktails.

Drew took a day off from the upstairs construction project (drywall tomorrow - more pictures coming!) and finished off our trellis.

Now our neglected climbers can climb!  (I'm talking about the clematis and rose, not our children).

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