Saturday, September 29, 2012


September feels like a better month for me than January for resolutions.  I naturally lean in to setting goals, examining dreams, pushing my limits, etc. this time of year.  My friend Ali bases her consulting business on the simple concept of accountability.  So, here's my punch list for this season:

1.  learn more about photography
2.  get current passports for all members of my family
3.  cook Thanksgiving dinner
4.  start knitting again

My deadline is the first day of winter.  Thank you, accountability board/blog readers, for being here for me.

And here's a moment of sister love for you to enjoy:

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  1. Andrea, some day we will meet in Edison, when I visit my friend Joanne in Mt Vernon. I appreciate your accountability list - can I copy it? And I so appreciate you pics of your girls - my grand nieces are 2 and 4 months - I can see their progression as people and sisters in your two girls. Keep on bloggin'!