Sunday, September 16, 2012

House Project: Home Reclaimed

Holy weekend of output.  Brandy took the girls to her house on Saturday and Drew and I busted it, taking advantage of every kid free hour to work on our house.  Closet organizing, toy sorting, window washing, carpet scrubbing, vacuuming, pressure washing, floor mopping, furniture rearranging, craigslist posting, goodwill hauling, construction debris removing, crying (just me), and yard work.  It was major.  And worth it.  With just tile and cabinets to go in the upstairs bathroom there is an end in sight.

The girls are still in exploration mode in their new room, and so far they don't seem to be pissed that we've limited their downstairs toys to what can fit into this:

or be cooked in this:

because they have it made up here:

Pop Quiz:  Is this a tiny person, or a huge wardrobe?

Things like outerwear and shoes in the hallway closets are giving me reason to celebrate with champagne:

And this gigantic TV in our bedroom is making the majority of Drew's post 8 p.m. dreams come true:

I'm not arguing, because while I blog this evening I don't have to listen to whatever boring show he's watching like, "how soy sauce is made" or "how plywood manufacturing works" - or even worse, repeating images of asteroids hitting earth and other general solar system catastrophes. And he doesn't have to listen to me type.  Win win.  I'm not a mediator by trade for nothing.

Speaking of mediation, we negotiated our way through where we thought the rugs should be located.  This just may be their final resting place:

I spent some time in the yard this evening while the girls played hair salon in their room and Drew cooked dinner.  It's good for me to step away from the mix once in a while, take in the tranquility of a warm September evening and enjoy what a lot of hard work adds up to.

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