Monday, September 3, 2012

The Chair in the Air

This past week I've used the excuse of the hustle and bustle of construction in our house to eat lunch out as much as possible.  From day to day I seem to forget what a struggle it is to keep my hoodlums under control and get all three of us fed anywhere else but home. 

Then came the game changer.  The chair in the air:

"Why do they have that chair up there mama?"  Genevieve asked.  "That's where they put naughty kids who don't follow restaurant rules" I responded.  Suddenly it was like I had sent her to finishing school.  A 180 from snagging sugar packets and throwing ice at her sister to sitting quietly in her chair and eating all of her veggies.  I think I need to nail a chair to my wall at home too.

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