Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hard Knocks

We let Genevieve stay up late last night to watch Glee.  She loves listening to Rachel sing and was mesmerized by her farewell to her hometown and coming of age travel to New York City as she set out on her own.  It made me tear up a bit, thinking about my own solo launch into the world at 18 and then imagining Genevieve and Marguerite doing the same as young women.  As I picked Genevieve up to carry her to bed she curled into me and started crying low sobs into my hair.  Only one other time have I heard her cry like that, when she said goodbye to Nick, her favorite woodshop employee, who was moving back to Idaho.  After he walked out the door she cried with a broken heart, knowing she would probably never see him again. 

Between sobs she told me she didn't ever want to get on a plane without me.  That she didn't want to live in New York City and never wanted to say goodbye.  I slept in her bed last night, spooned up to her tiny self, a little heartbroken too knowing that this closeness we have will evolve. 

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