Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Saturday Journey

Genevieve's latest obsession involves requesting I use my "jumping kids" setting on the camera and launching as soon as I say "go!"

It might be my new obsession too.

We had another bluebird day to soak up.  We started off with a bike ride to the Fire Hall for a community pancake feed to support the race for the cure.  It felt good to sit with our neighbors and share breakfast.  I love Edison.

Here we are making our way home:

 It's about the journey, not the destination I remind myself as the girls get distracted by every little thing and meander the streets like we don't have a ticking clock and a million projects waiting for us at home. 

We did manage to get half of our vegetable garden planted:

With a lot of help from this one:

Fingers crossed for a repeat of last evening's cozy reading wind down:

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