Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Eve

Holy day of output.  We all better sleep like proverbial babies tonight.  We hit the master gardener's plant sale at Skagit County's time worn fairgrounds first thing.  Drew stayed focused and found every plant on our list while I kept getting side tracked by expensive pink perennials and chatting with plant gurus in flowered hats like I haven't been socialized in months.  It is Mother's Day eve after all.

I've been stuck in a rut this week, wanting to get outside and work in my garden more, but finding myself mostly inside with an extra clingy Marguerite.  She's going through a phase where she wails for me the second I'm out of her sight and needs to be in nearly constant contact.  Here's what we look like most of the time:

How's that for attachment parenting TIME magazine?!  I'm ready to bring a little National Geographic to your cover too (see photo below if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about)!

Drew and G took a trip for soil to add to the raised vegetable beds while I got Marguerite down for a fleeting nap.  As soon as her koala bear grasp relaxed into sleep I stepped outside and got myself centered with a solitary moment in the garden.  I'm a true extrovert who doesn't need a lot of "me" time, but that 10 minutes of peace was oh so necessary.

Shortly after that we launched back into action with a lot of dirt shoveling and a soccer game:

A bike ride to the lumber yard at the end of the street with a cold one for mom and dad:

Topped off with bubbles blowing in the wind before we called it quits and started the dinner routine:

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