Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Micro Partiers

I hosted an event in the gallery last night that met all of Genevieve's requirements of a good party:
1.  Ladies wearing high heels and makeup
2.  A bowl full of chocolates to snag
3.  Nametags and sharpies within a 3 year old's reach
4.  A 10 p.m. bedtime

You would think with all of that partying last night these little ones would want to take it easy this morning.  Nope.

A post breakfast bike ride:

Important outdoor grocery shopping:

Horse bathing:

A bit of lounging:

And the miracle of discovering a pair of pre baby jeans buried in the back of my closet that withstood the test of my 40 pound shape changing times two.  Glad that's done with.

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