Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Perpetual Motion

My mom and I are true opposites when it comes to how we get things done, she a hummingbird and I a sloth in comparison.  She refers to herself as being in perpetual motion and today I could really relate.  Since having two daughters to muck out stalls for I've learned to embrace the necessity of keeping it moving, even if it feels like I'm working in quicksand when cleaning in their presence.

I just spent an hour upstairs with the girls in their "room" trying to get a grip on the extreme messiness.  Garbage bag in hand, I felt  like the clean up crew on the side of the road.  I need a big corporation to "adopt a room" and help a mama out.  Right as I got a grip on organizing toys and art supplies and more toys I turned around to find a smiling Marguerite laying in a mountain of clothes on the floor that she pulled out of her dresser. 

They're both napping in their messy little world now, and I'm downstairs having a moment of out of sight of mind and enjoying the calm.

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