Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Now

Hear that?  Me neither.  It's miraculously silent.  Both girls are napping.  My afternoon to do list remains untouched and instead I prioritized recognizing the small part of baby left in Genevieve that needed to be held until she fell asleep.  She had a full throttle morning of bike riding, sand box digging, and playing with Stella, ending in a really good skinned knee.  I watched her sleep for a bit before crawling out from under her warm self.  Her plump lips and chipped front teeth and crazy long eyelashes.

During her early baby months and into toddlerhood I was always looking forward to the next thing, wanting her to hit another milestone.  Now that she is sneaking up on four with a little sister on her heals I feel myself wanting it all to slow down.  So sometimes I need to slow down too.  Hold my girl as long as she needs me to and be at peace with where we are now.

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