Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ponytailed Nursling

My childhood friend Zan and his lovely wife Sarah shared their amusing weening story with me poolside in Maui.  Every time Atlin wanted to nurse, they offered him a slice of pound cake instead - and by the time the cake was gone so were the goods.  I'm inspired.  My skinny minny would much rather nurse than eat food.  I'm ready for more cake instead.

Here's my brown eyed girl with her first ever ponytail:

Here we are doing the usual.  The paparazzi (Genevieve) took this photo:

Marguerite and I went on a run right as Drew got home.  It felt pretty brutal but at least I had this funny face to keep me distracted:

She modeled some stunners when we got home:

Send my aching muscles positive thoughts.  They need it.

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  1. My daughter would much rather nurse too. I have a feeling she won't be giving it up soon.