Thursday, May 10, 2012

la mia amica

My family in Alaska has to drive ten hours round trip just to go to Costco - so with that as my point of reference I feel silly saying that going to Bellingham the other day felt like a big adventure.  Door to door my friend Moonwater's house is thirty five minutes from mine.  An easy thirty five minutes that I hope to drive more often. 

She's the kind of friend that meets me exactly where I am.  In the seven or so years that we've known each other our life experiences have run an uncanny parallel.  We landed the same job in different towns, married our sweeties, worked like dogs and did a lot of good for people who needed what we have to offer, played hooky at the spa, were daughters from a long distance, and became mothers to our own beautiful daughters.  All that, not to mention that our Italian blood makes us look like sisters, has made for a friendship close to my heart.

Here are our girls sharing a cup of tea:

Thirty five minutes and our crazy ass pace of life isn't going to get in the way of more of this, that's for sure.

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