Saturday, April 7, 2012

Crack o' Dawn Saturday

Dang, 6 a.m. on Saturday morning is brutal!  We've got miles to go today and I'm already tired.  Easter egg hunt in Bellingham this afternoon and then an opening in the gallery this evening.  Check out a preview to the show here

Opening nights usually whip Genevieve into a day long frenzy of anticipation, excitement, and 14 different costume changes.  I should have learned by now to wait until 5 p.m. before I tell her what's up.

I let Drew sleep in this morning.  That's nice of me, right?!  He's got a long art hustling and wood dealing day ahead of him - and I have a long day of solo child wrangling, but who's keeping score?  I might be keeping score.

So, I treated myself to an almost quiet cup of coffee and let my early birds watch strawberry shortcake on the computer and eat cheerios for breakfast.  I'm doing my best to not raise slacked jawed yokels, but sometimes need to defer to some screen time to remain stable.

Here are my sweet yokels:

Enjoy this long ass day!

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