Saturday, April 7, 2012

G Rated

Genevieve really has a knack for making a delightful and quaint moment take a 180 and become completely inappropriate.  We went to a friend's home today for an Easter egg hunt.  Picture beautiful gardens, a shockingly friendly floppy eared bunny, tea served with silver and china, elaborately decorated eggs, kids dashing for eggs on a sunny green lawn - have I painted this picturesque scene for you? 

Okay, brace yourself for the visual of what Genevieve had to add to this otherwise wholesome scene:

That's my girl.

Marguerite is the ying to Genevieve's yang and appropriately focused on gathering eggs and sharing them with her sister:

Olivierre the rabbit sort of freaked me out with his outgoing friendliness so I sent Drew in to the herb garden with the girls and enjoyed the fence that separated me from all this animal scurrying:

Here are a few more G rated (ha ha) favorites from our day:

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