Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh What a Day

We had a slow afternoon, with a bit more herky jerky sister squabbling than I wanted to be implicated in.  Marguerite wants everything her sister has and isn't afraid to wrestle for it.  Our living room rug might as well be a mixed martial arts ring. 

Here's a moment of sister cahoots that Berit captured in the gallery.  Sisters getting some important work done:

We put our rain jackets on and went outside to capture rainwater for our covered porch containers.  Both girls managed to slip and fall in the mud and made it clear that playing in the rain today was not as fun as playing in the sun yesterday.  Back inside to the MMA ring we went, just in time for Daddy to come home to an out-of-patience Mama.

Luckily Drew knows how to make me laugh and keeps his cool in most situations (not including when he passed out during Genevieve's birth, but I'll save that for another post).  Right as things were calming down and the girls were getting ready for bed, Genevieve fell off the toilet and piled into the shower.  She came up with a chipped front tooth and a fat bloody lip.  Then it was my turn to almost pass out - I really can't handle it when my kids get hurt.  Good thing I don't have boys I guess. 

Both my sweeties are tucked in and quiet, and I'm grateful for this glass of wine and this blog.  Having a place to park my day in writing is the best. 

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