Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mud and Tulips

The tulips are almost popping in the next valley over, so we went on a big adventure this afternoon to tiptoe through them.  The first time I went to the tulip fields was as a college student with my BFF Laura.  She lives too damn far away now and I miss her like crazy - but lucky for me her mama still lives in Washington and came to visit.  I haven't seen Shelley in a couple of years, and she hasn't been to Edison since Genevieve's baby shower.  She soaked up my girls, patiently answered all of Genevieve's questions, read book after book to Marguerite and at this moment is having an after dinner cup of tea with G and playing with playdough.

Here are a few favorites from our day:

Apparently Genevieve likes mud more than she likes demonstration gardens:

Marguerite can officially run - and she did a lot of it today:

G is the proud new owner of Laura's cabbage patch kid.  She's named her Rose.  Here she is putting her down for a nap:

She also acquired a stack of adorably smocked frocks that could only originate from Laura and Shelley's Southern roots.  Here are the two that will fit this summer:

I miss you Laura and wish you were here to eat cheesy grits and drink too much coffee with in the morning!

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