Saturday, April 14, 2012

Social Skills Gunther Style

Our friend Gunther used to breeze into town in his Charlie Brown bus on spring days like this to "work on his social skills" with his friends of Edison.  I was thinking about him hard this morning while pulling weeds.  He died almost three years ago and I still find myself wondering when he'll stop by for a visit.

One of my favorite things about living in this busy tiny town is that when I start turning into a reclusive weirdo from too many home-bound days with feverish kids I can just take a quick walk through town and exercise my social skills Gunther style. 

The girls and I made it as far as the Lucky Dumpster across the street to visit with James and Jesse and hit up their $1 toy bin.  Jesse inaugurated us in to the toy exchange option - so Genevieve is already rummaging through her toy baskets wondering what she's going to trade in next time. 

Here's Marguerite with noodles and her new friend:

Genevieve added this character to her menagerie:

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