Monday, April 16, 2012

Dream Job and Mantras

Time management without the structure of a day job has been an adjustment for me.  My mantra for the past few days has been "the time is now."  I've started hearing myself say this any time I am tempted to procrastinate.  It pushes me to get the dirty thankless jobs done and behind me so I can move on to something more enjoyable.  

When we were in Maui a few months ago I was 6 weeks away from my last day at work.  I told Drew over an early morning cup of coffee on the patio that the only way I would go back to work before both girls were in school was if I could:

1.  work from home around his schedule to avoid needing child care,

2.  make at least twice as much as I was currently making, and

3.  not have any management responsibilities. 

I was sure that this job couldn't possibly exist, but set myself up with a business license to be a consultant just in case. 

As of today, my pie in the sky criteria has been met.  I've got at least 10 weeks of contracted work ahead of me that will wrap up just in time to pack up and head to Alaska for the month of July with my girls. 

I'm buzzing with excitement about working in a new way.  The time is now.

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