Saturday, April 21, 2012

Night Shift

I scored this big beauty for the courtyard garden.  I'm going to plant my mock orange shrub in it and see how that goes. 

The girls have entered into a new phase called hide from mama long enough for her to really panic and run around frantically looking for us.  Fun.  Marguerite has also figured out how to take off all of her clothes and diaper the moment she is out of my sight.  This is where I found the hoodlums after dinner:

 Marguerite has discovered the magic of a camera and asks in Marguerite language for me to take her picture so she can look at it on the camera and say "Baby!  Cute!"

I'm settling in for the night shift - the only realistic time I have to focus on writing a grant proposal for my current contract job.  Second wind, please visit, I'm ready.

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