Monday, April 2, 2012

Smashed Bakery and Friends

Stella and Aislyn came to play for the day.  It cracks me up to see Genevieve play side by side with kids her age.  She's a shortie.   Her preschool teacher describes her as "tiny but mighty."

Speaking of tiny, Marguerite did her best to keep up with the big girls:

Half way through our day my mom called and said, "you should set up Aislyn in the cottage with a book and a cup of tea.  It will make her feel like a queen" so I followed her advice and had a pretty happy twelve year old on my hands:

My brood was doubled today because our friends and fellow business owners here in Edison had a car crash into their bakery last week and have been thrown into the minutia of project management for the repairs when they'd much rather be baking something delicious and carrying on as usual.  Here's what happened:

I feel awful for them and hope I lightened their load a bit by giving them a kid free day of meetings and decision making and paperwork.  What a mess.  I'm glad to be connected to them and to know that they'd have my back if I needed it.  This too shall pass.

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