Monday, April 23, 2012

G Filter and Bee Stung Lips

Genevieve and I did some weeding this morning out front, and a certain three year old snagged my camera and started snapping away.  At first I gave her the "G, you're not supposed to touch my camera, especially when I'm wearing this awful head band and these gardening clothes and only got four hours of sleep last night" look:

Then I got curious about the world through her lens.  Plus, it was keeping her busy and letting me garden.  Win win.  Here's the G filter:


old Monroe

gardener moon pose

Genevieve's favorite car

Poor Marguerite got a bee sting on her finger.  I felt like it was my fault because just this morning over breakfast I took this photo and was thinking about how beautiful my brown eyed girl with her bee stung lips is.

10 minutes later I heard an "owieeee" that made me come running and found a stinger hanging out of her finger.  Here she is showing off her swollen finger:

Genevieve has decided she no longer wants to be a tattoo makeup artist and has switched gears to being a veterinarian:

A veterinarian who wears Hawaiian themed tourist get ups.

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