Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eating Out(side)

We have a new favorite park and spent the morning there swinging and sliding and singing "Row row row your boat" through the pipe phone.  It was nice to get out of dodge - when we're not home to mess up the house I don't have to maniacally clean and pick up after the girls all day!

We ate dinner outside this evening - another mess buster.  Maybe we could just pitch our tent in the yard this summer and then I would be able to avoid chores all together...

Tomorrow I'll try a hose and a bucket rather than the normal kitchen flooding bath...just kidding of course, no need to call CPS.  It is day dream worthy to imagine the bath tub we'll have in just a few short months for these littles.  Bath time will become much more spacious.

Here are a few snippets from the garden this evening.  Notice the new roses we scored at the community garage sale this weekend.

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