Friday, June 29, 2012

AK or Bust

The girls and I are bursting with excitement about going to Alaska in two short days.  We'll be there for a whole month - something we've never done before.  Drew will be holding down the fort, working as many waking hours as he can muster on the remodel of the upstairs of our house.  What is now one big loft will soon be two bedrooms and a bathroom - our glorified studio apartment is about to become a bonafide two bedroom two bathroom house. 

Being away from Drew for a whole month is going to be hard.  Genevieve has flickers of sadness about it. 

"How will Daddy fall asleep at night if he doesn't have me next to him on the couch loading apps on his iphone?" 

"Will Daddy be scared at night in our house when there isn't a roof on it?" 

"Will Daddy let any other kids paint on my easel?  Can we bring my easel to Grandmama and Grandpapa's house?" 

"Will Grandpapa let me eat ice cream every day like we did last summer?" 

Leaving our garden for a month will be tough too.  Fortunately my parents have a house and garden fit for all the princesses and fairies in our entourage. 

Here are a few budding winks our Edison scape is leaving us with for now:

Next Up:  Realized Mama and her brood hit Alaska.  Wish me luck packing for three for a month and flying alone with these hoodlums.  

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