Monday, July 2, 2012

Airplanes, Bleach, and Making it Home

Nothing compares to the feeling that air travel conjures up of wanting to dip your children in a bucket of bleach.  Here's Marguerite strengthening her immune system on the floor of the Anchorage airport:

The girls did such a good job on the way here - Genevieve spared me her usual vomit saturation and Marguerite fell asleep on both flights.  I managed to hold my fear of flying and my family dying in a fiery crash to a minimum and enjoyed the view from Anchorage to Homer.  The airplane seemed just a smidge bigger than my car. 

That's the pilot you can see from our seat:

The loud alarm that came on twice and resulted in some knob turning on his part was an isolated moment of terror.  I need to remember to ask my Dad what that was all about - he'll know.

We woke up relatively rested this morning and made it to the new and beautiful playground.  Check out the view from the swings:

Here are the three cousins and G:

The extraction of Flora from the swings wasn't pretty, but all of the giggling that lead up to it was worth it!

Here's my handsome brother (Hi Darren!  I know you read my blog...) sporting some Smith & Vallee swag:

Marguerite and Aurora proving their worth as skiff girls:

Our day wrapped up with a family feast, perfect head of lettuce from the garden included (that's my Mama).

I'm so happy to be home.

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