Saturday, July 7, 2012

On the Boat

 At Genevieve's persistent request we pulled ourselves together this morning and went out on the boat while the bay was still glassy and calm.  This was Marguerite's first time on the water and I was expecting a similar protest to the life jacket that G usually has, but ran into the opposite problem.  She loves her life jacket.  She would be sleeping in it right now if I let her.  She freaks out and cries when I take it off her.  Go figure.

The sisters stuck close to each other as we made our way across Kachemak Bay, laughing every time freezing cold water sprayed them from the bow.  

I've spent a lot of time on this boat with my dad and am grateful that my daughters get to experience it too - with minimal protest about the generally cold, wet, dirty, hungry, peeing-in-a-bucket, hardiness required experience.

We stopped at Spit Sisters on the way home for hot chocolate.  G was more interested in watching this guy sleep in his tent in the rain than drinking hot chocolate in a cozy cafe.


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