Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

50 degrees and raining.  In July.  I haven't taken my down jacket off since being here. 

The upside:
1.   lots of opportunity to catch up on precious family time
2.  nonstop access to food
3.  dog pedicures dry faster indoors

Here I am with the two sisters at Two Sisters Bakery this morning.  Maximum occupancy at this hub of Homer, and maximum occupancy on my lap:

I worked here as a teenager, pulling shots on a vintage espresso machine, flirting with young adventurers finding themselves in Alaska, and washing dishes at what was surely a snails pace.

Pan au chocolate and coffee at the bakery launched us in to a day full of eating as evident by the majority of pictures on my camera at the end of the day:

Genevieve and cousin Cecilia played dress up - and planned out Jade the dog's costume for the Fourth of July parade through town tomorrow.  Pink dog toes will be the focal point:

Grandpapa patiently reconciled Genevieve's malcontent with the lack of birds in the bird cage on top of the china hutch:

That may be the first time I've ever used malcontent in a sentence.

My childhood BFF Cory and her family stopped by for a visit.  I was too busy squeezing her beautiful baby boy to take pictures.  The last time I saw Cory I was a month away from giving birth to Marguerite and she was turning on her heal to go back to Minnesota to see about a boy.  Less than two short years later and here we are - laughing together about forgetting to brush our hair and not getting enough sleep because of the littles in our lives.

Here's my dad with our collective crew:

The best part about my day was twofold:
1.  seeing Cory as the mama she was meant to be, and 
2.  watching Marguerite inch towards Grandpapa's chair, blanket and book in tow, for her bedtime story.

The best part about Genevieve's day was dancing while Grandmama played her violin, and the best part about Marguerite's day was "baby" (playing with Cory's baby Elias).

I risked waking up the sisters by taking this picture:

Sweet dreams my girls.

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