Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Yow

We met Erica and the cousins for a picnic.  Although we started the morning off at 34 degrees, it turned into a sunny beach-worthy day.

Just as we settled in to our driftwood dining nook, this woman and her "yow" sauntered by:

That's right, a woman walking her yow.  What?!  (A Yow is a cross between a yak and a cow).  All five kids were mesmerized by the two of them circling in the water, caught up in some new world hybrid animal bathing ritual.

If we don't see a liger tomorrow there is going to be some real dissapointment.

The girls and I spent some time enjoying the artifacts in my parents' amazing garden early evening while my mom practiced her violin and my dad worked on the broken garbage disposal that SOMEBODY (me) accidentally ran a handful of rocks and beach glass through.  Whoopsie.

It was fun describing to Genevieve how our dogs Sid and Ivy used to pull us through the snow in this sled,

that Grandpapa made this gate out of our old skis,

that I won this saw at an auction when I was six,

and that these were the ocean's treasurers found on the beach.

Cheers to our yowtastic day.

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