Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lunch Revisited

We went for a car nap today to seek out peace and quiet and to enjoy the wild flowers on Ohlson Mountain.  Marguerite complied and fell asleep 20 feet out from the driveway.  Genevieve - well, Genevieve doesn't comply with much.  She talked and complained non-stop until I gave her my iPhone, then got sick and projectile vomit sprayed my mom's never-been-vomited-in new car.  Today I am grateful for upholstery cleaner and hot showers.  Here's the vomit source keeping me company while on car detail duty:

Marguerite has been doing a lot of Baby Bee nurturing the past few days, thousand-yard nursing stare included:

It's hard work being a lactation station.


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