Thursday, July 19, 2012

On Eating

This is how I eat most of my meals:

This challenges me.  You see, I really like to enjoy my meals.  I plan out my bites (oh yes, I'm a planner), I save the best bite for last, and I DON'T like sharing my food.  If I'm sharing a plate of something "family style" I start competitively eating to make sure I get my due portion.

I realize that these are not my most flattering traits, and the only scenario that has broken me of my greedy ways is feeding my kids.  Instead of forecasting my next perfect bite and hoarding all of the onion rings that I'm supposed to be sharing, I spoon feed Marguerite, pick out the mushrooms for Genevieve, let my dress get used like a napkin, enforce X number of bites or no dessert, keep up constant choking prevention vigilance, and eat like a bottom feeder sweeping in after their first pick.

I know this is fleeting.  I will regain my eating autonomy.  They will become less primate and more human.  In the end I aspire to have taught and learned how to share a meal with fairness, generosity,  satisfaction and utensils.

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