Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kayaks and Salmon Feasts

My dad took the girls out in his kayak today.  Genevieve had fun but wasn't so keen on getting wet.  Although, after insisting I take off her wet clothes, her naked carseated self laughed the whole ride home.  

Marguerite on the other hand found kayaking to be terrifying and wanted nothing to do with it.  Hanging on the shore throwing rocks with Jade was more her speed.

We rounded out the day with a salmon feast with friends, and got to meet this new beautiful boy, Arbor:

And this sunshine!  Ask and you shall receive.  All of my bitching about the weather paid off.

(Yes, that's my PBR tall boy, and yes, I ended the evening back in my puffer even though it was a blue bird sky).

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