Saturday, July 14, 2012


We spent the afternoon celebrating Elias' first birthday.  Genevieve and Anna Coral finally agreed to stand still long enough for a picture. 

These cuties are only three months apart in age.  Daughters of mothers who became fast friends when we were in grade school - bonded over ballet, Ace of Bass, boy craze, good books and general rebellion. 

In the words of Genevieve's preschool teacher Miss Punky, "she may be tiny, but she is mighty!'

Happy Birthday Elias!  Thanks for sharing your no-napping party day with us. 

Marguerite fell asleep on the way home, tuckered out from hitting the potato chips and brie.  Oh wait, that was me. 

Well, not the napping part.  Although taking a nap is on my punch list for this year.

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