Thursday, June 28, 2012

Worlds Colliding

My worlds did a lot of colliding today.  I submitted the grant application I've been working on for the past month a few minutes ago.  For the most part my grant writing gig has been easy to keep compartmentalized from my waking hours with the girls and stays packaged neatly in the late night hours.  My brain stays engaged throughout the day while I think about what I'll work on that evening and it helps me stay sharp, thinking and money making without interrupting my mama mojo. 

Today was a different story.  I watched Genevieve paint the desk lamp with soapy water and a sly look in her eye and let her get away with it so I could finish a phone conversation.  I fed the girls a rushed lunch of mac and cheese and ate mine in front of the computer.  I had zero dinner options in motion by the critical 5:30 mark.  I was wrung out tired by the time Marguerite was ready for bed.  A familiar, gritty, stressed out tired that I haven't had to feel since leaving my day job 4 months ago.  

I'm now reveling in that feeling of accomplishment that comes from finishing a huge project, and knowing that the juggle of today isn't the norm anymore. 

I'm grateful for my iphone that makes working at the playground possible.  Here's Marguerite and Urban, just a moon apart in age, sizing each other up:

That boy and those cheeks...

While I wrestled with scanning letters of support on the gallery computer, Genevieve did some important work in the back room with Berit.

I'm calling it a day.  A long, hard, good day.

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