Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Film Crews and Tree Felling

So, my man had an extremely out of the ordinary day today.  He was being filmed by a production company from L.A. for a potential TV series.  Crazy shit.  They were filmed working in their woodshop, felling a walnut tree at a client's house, getting Blake's Hoist and Haul's truck stuck and unstuck, milling giant slabs at Simon's - basically a day long wood extravaganza.

The bad part about it for me was when the film crew went upstairs in my house early this morning to film the view from our deck and saw the piles of laundry I need to put away - but at least my daughters distracted them with crazy dance moves and bossy demands to not touch their doll house or take pictures of their beds.  I shouldn't implicate Marguerite in that kind of sass, it was all G.

It could go nowhere, but might go somewhere.  It could be the golden ticket to do a Tree Project in South America.   Whatever happens, it was fun to hear my exhausted and exuberant husband relay the details of his crazy day while scarfing down emergency food stash egg rolls for dinner at 8 p.m.

The women and children side of Smith & Vallee joined forces for dinner this evening while the daddy's worked late.  Sarah and I have figured out a smooth co-mothering system, taking turns entertaining kids and preventing serious injury while the other hustles together dinner or cleans up the crazy messy aftermath of a meal involving three littles.  Having a good glass of red to clink glasses to oils our mama machine just fine too. 

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