Monday, June 11, 2012


I took my wispy fairy to the doctor today for a weigh in. 

Last scheduled well child visit her pediatrician was concerned about her lack of weight gain so gave me a month to fatten her up.  I wasn't overly worried, but still took it to heart and have put a lot of effort towards feeding her often and well. 

Even so, she hadn't gained much - but the doctor told me she had given a lot of thought towards us this past month, that she had learned an important lesson and asked me if I was willing to hear her out.  She apologized to me for over reacting, imagined the worry she had caused me and after consulting Marguerite's charts with the other pediatricians in the office had come to the conclusion that she's healthy, happy, obviously loved and achieving all of her milestones on time so the fact that she's a bit gangly is no big deal.

I teared up a bit and so did she and I thanked her for being honest and supportive.  It was quite the moment, and even Genevieve stayed quiet to take it all in.

So today I'm giving thanks to health, honesty, a pediatrician who I now trust, and lunch dates with my littles.

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