Monday, June 4, 2012

She's a Talker

Genevieve starts talking the instant she wakes up and doesn't stop talking until she falls asleep.  She and I are talkers.  Marguerite and Drew are listeners.  This usually works out swell - but sometimes those listeners have something to say too. 

Our friend Iris took Genevieve to town with her to run errands this afternoon and I noticed Marguerite suddenly had a lot to tell me when our normal daytime triad became just the two of us.  Many of her words are still just sounds, but sounds with a lot of emphatic gesturing.  I spent some time listening to her practice her new words and showed I was listening when she asked for "mo ice cream peas" with tilted head and crooked smile:

This was a good reminder to listen to this sequin eared listener with more intention once in a while too:

We had a gallery opening this past weekend and did our best to pack some family fun in around the edges of work filled days:

My final meditation on listening for the day is this song.  Listen here, it's beautiful.

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